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Hello everyone I'm back! In my leave of absence you may or may not have discovered that I'm PREGNANT! Being a mom definitely isn't a easy task, especially in our day and age where being a teen mom is considered taboo. As of July 28, I am on week 23 of my pregnancy aka five months and three weeks. I know we're halfway there, but it's not too late for me to start documenting my pregnancy. I'm so excited and anxious for my daughter to arrive!

I'd like to be completely transparent and tell you my experience in finding out that not only my life but the lives of everyone around me would change. I was taking a daily birth control pill, and I may or may not have skipped a few weeks here and there. I missed a few periods, but I blamed it on the medicine and continued on with my college life, drinking and partying. I started to feel fatigued all the time, and I would stare at Vietnamese food on Instagram all day long. It was when my boobs began to ache that I got concerned.

My boyfriend encouraged me to do an at-home pregnancy test, so we bought one at our local CVS. Before I could even flush, the two lines confirming my suspicions stared at me and all I could do was stare back. I broke down and started balling. I'm talking serious waterworks. Shook couldn't even begin to touch the level of terrified I was on. I told Rashgmaal, and I could tell he was excited but was curbing it slightly to see where my heart was at.

After I talked to my mom, I felt like everything was going to work out. She was so supportive, and she even admitted that she was suspicious too. Since then, we've all been preparing for our family's newest arrival, Nu Benn Bloodman.

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