Stylish Baby

Nu hasn't even taken her first breath and she's already the most stylish person I know! She won't be able to wear these clothes until a couple years in, but I couldn't decline these timeless pieces. 

Rashgmaal and I went shopping at one of our favorite stores due to the outrageous sale: 20% off the sale items (which were up to 70%) with an additional 25% off due to employee discount. COS provides minimalistic, timeless pieces with locations in Atlanta, New York, L.A., and and a few other major US cities. I love this store because they have high quality material for reasonable prices. Not to mention they aren't stingy with the sales.

H&M used to be my go-to store until it's chic in-store presentation turned into a thrifting experience. However, when I have the time and patience, I always manage to find a gem within the sea of clothes. Most of the pieces displayed were on sale, but we got an additional 40% off with the usage of their 15% fabric recycling promo as well as the always handy, employee discount. Side note: always keep your friends that work in retail!

Nu is making her big debut in the winter, so I'm stocking up on socks and winter apparel as well as buying bigger clothes since kids grow like weeds! You may have noticed that a lot of her clothes aren't pink or frilly. I have no issue with girly clothes (I love them for myself), but I hate that gender norms have to be imposed so early. I'm working on making her closet more neutral and letting her decide her style when the time comes. 

Feel free to comment any other places that have cool baby clothes. 

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