Hurricane Irma

All the excitement of a hurricane can sometimes leave you bored. My family and I took this time to get back to basics with a good ol' pencil and paper. 

Although we live in Atlanta, we still prepared for the worst. My aunt and all my cousins drove up to our house to bunker down for the "hurricane" that was making its way up the coast. There was a total of nine people and a dog taking refuge in our household, not including the existing five that live here.

My little cousins: Ella, Maya, Ava, and Mae, are all extremely creative and talented. I am currently taking art/drawing classes at Georgia State and one of our first exercises taught us how to hold a pencil while drawing basic, fundamental objects. The above picture displays their rendition of that. 

We then moved on to blind contouring. This is an exercise where you focus all of your attention to the object and none to your paper. While doing this, you can't lift up your pencil, so the end result is one continuous line. 

As you can see from the first picture, my house was overthrown by little girls. Nevertheless, we laughed and made a lot of memories (some that aren't wiping up that easily!). 

What activities do you resort to when the power is out?

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