Nike Air Max 97 Premium Pink Snakeskin

Amongst my early birthday gifts, this would have to be one of my favorites since I've had my eyes on these since August.

These Nike's have made a MAJOR comeback in 2017 with the initial release of the silver bullets earlier this year. The resell price has increased significantly as well as the exclusivity. If you can get your hands on these puppies, hold them near and dear!

I'm not ashamed to admit I was hesitant to like this silhouette, but when trust me when I say: no picture could possibly do it justice. Let's not even talk about how comfortable these are! If you've ever been pregnant (or know anybody that has been) you know that these last few weeks take a toll on your feet. They are a little heavy, but I can assume the added weight is due to the protection and arch support they provide. 

My favorite thing about these are the snakeskin detailing added in with the anniversary drop. The print accents the sleek lining perfectly. I've been slowly becoming reacquainted with the color pink this year, and I'm excited to incorporate this tint into my closet. 

I also received a Series 3 Apple Watch from my mom. I'm still figuring out how to use it, but I absolutely love it! It's the first thing I put on in the morning when I roll out of bed. I especially love it because it makes counting Nu's movements so easy through the Baby Kicks App. 

Last but not least, my boyfriend gave me a CUERO&MØR purse. He always picks the perfect gifts. Months ago, I went into Steven Allen and walked around the store with this bag on my arm before reluctantly putting it back. So you can only imagine my excitement when seeing this purse reappear into my life.
This structured bag also comes with a handy, inside detachable wristlet. 
It might not be the ideal mom bag, but it is the ideal bag for the fashionable mom.

Which color way did you like the most from the anniversary drop of the Nike Air Max 97s?

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  1. The more it is limited or exclusive, the way more expensive it will be. Nike is one of my favorite brands, they always has fresh and crispy to offer. I know a bunch of websites you can cop these on a cheaper price.

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