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You can never go wrong going neutral. 
You know when you go to a nail salon and theres always a little kid running around because their parent works there? I was that little kid. I used to sit on the back of my dad's chair while he was working with someone and catch some Z's. When I got bored with my coloring books and toys, my dad would let me practice painting and creating designs on his nails.
Fast forward some odd 15 years, and I found myself working in a nail salon doing manicures and pedicures. All those days just playing with my dad were literally paying off. As much as I appreciate knowing this skill, it is also a curse. A curse that will not allow me to have my nails looking busted.

My New Year's Resolution this year is to do my nails myself, and if I do wander into a nail salon, I won't be using acrylic, gel, or even SnS. 

I recently discovered a brand of polish called Butter London. Despite its name, this company is an American brand. Their polish are free of all those hard to pronounce chemicals that damage your nails.
These pictures are going on day three of wear. I must say, after cleaning the house and taking care of my newborn, my nails still look amazing. 

What color should I try next?

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