Ten-Month-Old Travel Tips

A few items to make your vacation feel like a vacation.

Being a new mom comes with learning how to do experiences that you thought you had down to a science. From going to the bathroom to having a good night's sleep, you always have your little one in the back of your mind. Going on a trip is no different. New sleep schedules, non-regular meal times, and unfamiliar faces can be overwhelming for your little one. 

Last week my family and I took a little vacation to the U.S. Virgin Islands. The journey consisted of a three hour flight from Atlanta to San Juan, Puerto Rico and then a 45-minute sea plane ride from San Juan to the small island of St. Croix. This is the homeland of Rashgmaal (Nu's dad) and he still has some family there, so this was a big trip for Nu and I. Not to mention, one of Rashgmaal's childhood friends was getting married. Needless to say, this trip was jam-packed of activities. 

What I recommend:
  • A new toy(s)
    • Our trip lasted seven days and we already were traveling heavy. We selected a few lightweight toys to occupy Nu while on the plane and at our Air BnB.
  • Blankets
    • I always sleep better with a piece of home that smells like home, so Nu's blankets were ESSENTIAL to a peaceful vacation and to making Nu feel at ease while she visited with her grandparents.
  • Bottles
    • Nu is still a breast-fed baby. Although she won't accept my milk from a bottle, we still bring her spill proof cups with her in case she has a hankering for some juice. 
  • Swim diapers
    • St. Croix is a small island. You can see the water from virtually anywhere. Although we only had two full beach day's, these water-ready diapers came in handy.
  • Food pouches
    • When we were in St. Croix, we had some mornings that ran early and nights that ran late. We also weren't always able to sit down and have a meal with all the running around meeting family members and preparing for the wedding. These food pouches saved my life. I gave one every day to Nu to give her her daily dose of fruits and veggies while holding her over until the next meal.

  •  Baby snacks
    • Nu is teething and learning how to eat independently. These bite-sized snacks virtually melt in her mouth and leave me at ease knowing she won't choke. These treats allow her to feed herself and scratch her teeth. Nu loves them! 

My list of essentials may be short, but I couldn't imagine going on a trip without these items. 
What do you need to make yourself feel at home on vacation?

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