Styling a classic

BAPE tote / H&M blouse, coat & trousers / Jordan 3 Black Cement

Colliding class with streetwear 

Over the past three years, I've been immersing myself into the world of streetwear. In 2016, it was rare to see me without a pair of stilettos, but I'm finally finding my sense of style. The key is to dress as if I am about to wear heels, but switch the shoe to a sneaker. I find myself doing the exact opposite when I feel the need to add a few inches to my look. 

This method is more suitable to my lifestyle as a mom and as a student. 

No matter how hard I try to get into backpack culture, I always find better use of a good tote to carry my notebooks for class. My boyfriend gave me the following tote as a first birthday gift.

This silhouette is one of my favorites because of its low-top nature. I usually steer myself away from high-top shoes since I'm already short and the ankle space the shoe takes usually makes me look even shorter. The Jordan 3 Black Cement is a classic shoe that you will find in any sneaker heads collection. It is a universal item that you can wear with literally anything.

What is your favorite Jordan?

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