Brace Yourself

Three years in the making, and I came out a different person.

In honor of getting my braces removed, I'd like to share my very personal pictures of my teeth throughout the journey.

For years I had been begging my mom to allow me to have braces and she kept repeating "as soon as you make the appointment", but you know as well as anyone that there isn't anything more dreadful than making your own appointments.

Originally, these pictures were for my own gratification since I've had braces since before I even thought about blogging, so these pictures have me with chapped lips, zits, you name it. Please bear with me.

April 2016
I cried the day I got them put on because I thought they looked hideous, but that was a short-lived sadness because I learned to love the way they made me look.

August 2016
πŸ“Long hΓ΄, Vietnam

November 2016
πŸ“First week of college

May 2017

September 2017
πŸ“During pregnancy

January 2018
Experiencing life as a stay-at-home mom

September 2018
πŸ“St. Croix

January 2019

After class on Tuesday, February 5, also this year's Chinese New Year, I drove to my orthodontist, Dr. Oral Francis (His name alone has kept me going through the process) of Suwannee Orthodontics. The process wasn't painful but it was a little uncomfortable when he was filing the glue off my teeth.

Dr. Oral Francis then generously gave me this cup full of "things you haven't been able to eat with braces", but between you and me, braces didn't stop me from eating ANYTHING and I firmly believe he knew that too. Over the years, our visits have been a constant in my transition into adulthood and motherhood. I know he's my orthodontist, but now more than ever do I understand the Shakespearean quote: "Parting is such sweet sorrow".

He also gave me two referral cards for $200 off a friend's braces, so let me know if you are looking to get your teeth right!

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