February Resolution

BAPE tote / H&M blouse, coat & joggers / Jordan Aleali May

Feb. is for for Family.

My January Resolution to keep my closet tidy (see post on 1.12.19) was completed pretty well. Towards the end of the month some of my laundry started to pile up, but aside from the clutter on the side of my closet, it was tidy. Practicing tidiness is definitely turning into a habit of mine that I fully accept into my life.

For the month of February, my resolution is to eat more meals at the table and to keep in contact with my family better. It's easy to let little things like this slip during a busy day, but I'd like to teach Nu that practicing these habits contribute to a stronger family dynamic.

This week's blog post was a little difficult for me to conjure up with the hectic week I just had. I'm getting ready to move into a new house along with dealing with Nu's mini-cold in addition to all of my assignments being due today. Even coming up with a new resolution was a task in itself.

I decided to follow in Song of Style's footsteps yet again with a simple outfit selfie that I took at school yesterday.

Usually, I pick my outfit the night before no matter how plain and simple the look may be. I find this saves me time and stress in the mornings. Yesterday's outfit was based around my coat since Atlanta has been avoiding snow like the plague.

Now that I'm writing about what I'm wearing, I'm very aware of just how much money H&M takes from me annually. Maybe next month my resolution will be fashion based.

How was your January?

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