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The best lash tech in ATL.

Ever since I was old enough to understand the concept of makeup, eyelashes have hands-down been my favorite part. They complete whatever look you're going for. You should see my collection of mascaras. I've been nervous to try individuals because not only are they expensive and time-consuming, but I lost count of how many tragic tales I've heard about people's real eyelashes falling off due to improper application.

Lashes by Chee expelled all of my preconceived notions.

At this point you may question my credibility since Alyssa and I have been friends since the dinosaurs walked the earth (at least the silly bands version), but this should only solidify her work. Alyssa Cheeyoung is, without a doubt, THE MOST nit-picky person I know. This is coming from a place of love. When we would get ready to party, if the smallest thing was off, such as my eyeliner, she would correct it. She would wipe it off and redraw it to perfection no matter how many tries it took. Thank god we learned the tape trick. I know more than anybody that her attention to detail viciously borders OCD. This is how I knew Alyssa would be an amazing eyelash technician.

Another fear of mine was that the individual eyelashes would weigh my eye down. Boy was I wrong. These light-weight lashes aren't overbearing, therefore making them perfect for everyday wear. I'm sporting the natural set.

Check out her work and price list through Instagram @lashesbychee

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