Failure Friday

This week I failed at being a girlfriend.
Failure Friday is a concept my aunt introduced to me. Every week you reflect on your failures or your short-comings and celebrate them. After all, the real world isn't a highlight reel like most people make it out to be.

My first Failure Friday made me realize I need to be a better listener to my boyfriend.

Monday night I had a sushi craving like no other, and I just knew I wouldn't be satisfied until I submitted to it. I ordered sushi from my local Thai restaurant with a side order of shrimp fried rice.
My boyfriend, Rashgmaal, came home after a long day at work and scarfed down the shrimp fried rice.

While walking downstairs to put his plate away, I hear THUMP THUMP THUMP CLATTER CLATTER. Nu and I ran to his rescue to see my boyfriends body sprawled all over the stairs with the remains of his plate splattered everywhere.

After a good laugh, 3 Advils, and a rest, Rashgmaal woke up with a manic itch. I advised him to take a shower. When he came out his face looked like Will Smith's in the movie Hitch, SWOLLEN.
For years, he's been telling me about his shrimp allergy and I didn't believe it until this week when we had to drive all over Georgia at 3 a.m. to find steroids and allergy medicine.

I'll never forget this evening, especially since we took pictures of my boyfriend's puffy face. I got an excellent lesson on the importance of listening to your significant other. At least I got some yummy sushi.

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