A Nail Date with MoonMan

Nostalgic yet futuristic.

Moonman goes by a plethora of nicknames, but I know him by his government name -- Nigel. So that's what I'll be referring to him as during the interview.

Nigel creates unique cut and sew pieces that involve extreme detail and emit a futuristic aura whenever you're in their midst.

Instead of paintings or photos, you'll find the decor on Nigels's walls in his house covered with his original pieces. You'll also find his close friends listening to cool music and plotting their next move. Then again, its rare you ever see Nigel solo.

Nigel referred to his hands as "work hands" due to the long scratch stretching from his wrist to his forearm given to him by a sewing needle. This was Nigel's first manicure.

What's your favorite drink?
nonalcoholic: Maggie has this strawberry water at her restaurant Mi Barrio.
alcoholic: I like to get straight to the point. I could never go wrong with Henny & Coke. Chill and turnt up.

What's a waste of money?
Food. We take in too much. It's more of a want than a need.
Favorite food: Pasta, probably because I'm half-Italian.

Why did you start making clothes?
I wanted to be different. I was about to graduate high school and I had football scholarships lined up. I didn't want to be injured later in life, so I had to find something else I was really interested in. I ain't really have money for clothes but I wanted to look different too.
I just started destroying all my clothes in my closet-- bleaching and distressing--this was before I even knew how to sew. Just liked cutting up things.
My dad was like "you need to go to school" so I was like I might as well just go to school for this because I'm really enjoying it.

Do you have a favorite designer?
Saint Laurent and Rick Owens
I used to draw a lot of inspiration from them but now I try to work with what's in front of me--make pieces that are kind of nostalgic. Like with the Ikea [pictured in the cover photo] that was something that was a trend but it'll take you back to that time every time you see it. Even denim--how I rework the denim-- that's such an old school style that I'm trying to bring into a newer wave.
Really about the prints I involve in my stuff too..it could be totally not related to it but I feel like it the color way might remind me or somebody else of something.
I try to be really organic with my designing right now in this stage but um I feel like once I start getting into a higher budget for my clothing I'll do more manufactured-type pieces more clean.

This SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) graduate has gone on to use his talent do major collaborations with tons of big names. Pictured below is his latest project, the G-Star Raww x Moonman that was displayed in Saks Fifth Avenue's entryway.

What is the most romantic thing you've done for someone?
(This was the question I was hoping Nigel would land on because it seems like EVERY ONE of my friends has asked me to hook them up -- so my image of Nigel has always been something of a ladies man)
When I was young, I would literally act like I was going to school -- actually I would wake up before the buses were even running -- and I would walk 10, 20 miles to skip school with my girlfriend.

What is your biggest pet peeve?
I feel like I don't have a lot to be real. I hate being ignored. If I hit you up and you don't hit me back its like kind of annoying even though I do it a lot.

Whats the first piece you worked on that made you realize fashion is your calling?
I used to bleach stuff a lot when I was younger -- before bleaching was even in. Not in the way that I'm saying I was on this before you, just recognizing what's hot now and knowing that I'm moving in the right direction.
I still get nervous making clothes -- like I just made something for Halsey -- I was nervous but I know I can finesse it. Nervous like I can't stop.

What made you go viral?
The IKEA pieces for sure, but there's so many pieces I think I've made like 1000 pieces.

Where do you want to travel?
I wanna go everywhere at least once.
I wanna go to Europe-- so many cultures.
I wanna do a whole Europe shit -- really Barcelona.

What three objects do you value most?
1. Sewing machine(s) - I can make anything.
2. These pants [pictured in the pre-manicure photo above] - My go to.. I wear them too much I need to make a new pair haha. I can throw anything on wit em.
3. My phone - Makes me money and lets me have fun.

What's your favorite quote?
Those who know do not say and those who say do not know - Lao Tsu
It's on a lot of the moon man apparel.
there's hella interpretations
sometimes its okay to be quiet and just listen -- observe
its important to listen and learn from other peoples mistakes
I heard it randomly.


Nigel is the type of person that makes you feel like you've known him for your whole life even if you've only been talking for ten minutes. Expect to see his name and his clothes everywhere.

If you could recommend anyone to participate in a Nail Date with Kim Cao who would it be?
you ( Kim Cao )
Kim Johannson

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