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I have been trying to hold myself true to my January Resolution of being more active on my blog. But shit, man. Life happens and my motivation waxes and wanes, so my posting schedule fell to the back burner.

My auntie called me out in the loving way your family tells you to get your ducks in a row and stop f*ckin around on this gem (my blog) you're sitting on. She then handed me this book that she got from her daughter's mentor, who just so happens to be a participant in #FailureFriday

She made sure to let me know that this copy was the uncorrected proof; therefore there's going to be some grammatical errors and things of the sort, but that only made me want to read it more because who doesn't like feeling exclusively plugged in. 

The book was inspired by her TED talk and discusses how women are trained from toddlers to wait until everything is perfect before making a move versus men that are taught to fail well and succeed even better. Even in the workplace she tells us about how men will apply with only 60% of the qualifications and get the position while us women will wait until we have 100%, missing our opportunity. 

I noticed I was doing this with my posts -- waiting until I have all my content perfect before clicking the publish button. Reshma Saujani talks about how important it is to have a good FAIL, no matter now how much it hurts. 

Now, I keep the book on my desk as a reminder to keep jumping even if I don't know if I'll land on my feet. 

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