A Nail Date with Brooklynn Summers

Daytime-slumber party.

Years ago, Brooklynn and I met at a mutual friend's birthday party that ended up being a night that I don't remember, but I'll never forget.

Brooklynn has a loving, long-term relationship with horror movies and has 80's films as her side piece. Even during the nail date we watched Heathers, Insidious, and 6 Souls. All throughout each of the films, she was spotting easter eggs that only a skilled movie-watcher would recognize. We should expect nothing less than from her since she is a professional actress.

Her end game is to be a horror film producer, but you can tell that no matter what she does, she'll end up successful. Anyone that sits with her, even if it's just in passing, can see the future behind her white-eyelashes and money on her mind. She had business ideas pouring out of her mouth casually, like revenue is her second nature. 

The day of our nail date, I pulled into her boyfriend's midtown high-rise and waited patiently for her to come down so we could get the essentials -- wine. She got her moms favorite wine from the package store which we accompanied with an assortment of fine frozen goods (pictured below).

Let's not talk about the difficulty we had opening the bottle without a proper wine opener.

Her soulmate, Mo, also spent the day with us. From what I saw, it looked like they've known each other their whole lives but it turns out, they've only been friends for about a year. She tended to Brooklynn's four-legged daughter, Solo (pictured below), and indulged in the scary movies. They labeled themselves "horror movie sisters". Brooklynn and Mo are completely at ease around each other. They even go to bathroom together sometimes -- that's when you know it's real friendship. 

After cooling down with our popsicles, we sat on the rug labeled "Keep Off" from the IKEA x OFF-WHITE collection and got to work.


Whats the last book you read?
I started The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck but I'm not done yet! I'm on like the 3rd chapter. So far it's about why you shouldn't give a fuck and when you give a fuck too much, the damage that it does to your mental.
Do you have a favorite book?
The thing that catches my eye are thriller, horror books. I love the stuff that has chapters. Especially the ones that become movies.
Here's a couple Brooklynn's all-time favorite movies:
All the Freddie Kruger
Nightmare on Elm Street is legendary
Freddie vs Jason
The Bloody Mary movies
My Girl

Whats the most trouble you've ever gotten into?
One time when I was 15, my mom went to work, and I stayed home. It was spring break. This guy came over --  he was my friend, but I knew he was into me. We didn't set out to do anything is what I mean. I made waffles and bacon and we was just watching tv and we were smoking then all I hear is the door slam.
Everybody in my neighborhood works so if the door slams, somebody's home. I look outside and I said "oh FUCK my mom is here!"

I tell him "get in the closet! get in the closet!" I threw his shoes in the closet -- I hurried up and changed my clothes.
Then my mom came in, so she thinks I'm getting dressed from having sex but I'm NOT.
At this point I'm acting weird...I'm in her face too much. So she doesn't go in her room. My mom ALWAYS goes in her room and goes to sleep when she gets home.
I'm freaking out because the windows in my room don't open. So I get her to go in her room to look for a bra for me, and I hurry up and tell the guy to run to the door -- all you hear is somebody unlocking the door, slam the door, and run outside.
My mom comes out like "who the fuck was that?!" I run to the door acting surprised I'm like "I don't even know?? What was that??" He's GONE. No sight of him.
She runs outside looking for him and while she's doing that, I go in my phone and delete ALL the evidence. I even deleted Instagram.
She comes back and she's like "who the fuck was that? you being fast!"
I really wasn't, I just didn't want her to know I was smoking weed.
**at this point in the story Brooklynn is crackin UP from reliving this memory**

She made me go to the doctor to get my hymen checked, everything bro.
I was on punishment forEVER.
I got a phone curfew of 9 o'clock.
She made me take my weave out.
I couldn't get braids, so I only wore my bun because my hair would frizz up.
I couldn't get acrylics since I was acting too "grown".
She took all my crop tops, all my thongs -- she turned me back into a 12 year old.

That was the first ass whopping I ever got in my life.  My dad tore my ass UP. I'm talking shorts and a sports bra and beat me with a belt.
I went back to school and everybody was asking if I got abused at home because I had bruises from my neck down -- that's how bad it was.

I didn't defy them before that and I damn sure didn't after.

Biggest kitchen mishap?
I was cooking for my boyfriend -- salmon, mac and cheese, and asparagus.
I'm frying the salmon, and the salmon breaks apart in the pan and starts burning and I'm in the bathroom while its burning.
I'm like the macaroni is good tho! The asparagus is good!
I had to go back to the store, buy salmon, this time I put it in the oven and then I fucked that up too.
It was smoke everywhere.
Not gonna lie tho I ate mine and it tasted good -- it was just mushy.

Whats the last gift you gave?
I gave my boyfriend a Cartier watch -- the classic one.

Favorite meme?
ah ah ah ah ah ah no by Glozell
Waka Flocka one where he's like okay
The one of the girl holding in her laugh

What's your dream car?
Lamborghini --  Black. NO. Orange. NO. Purple. I like white interior or black on black -- a lil bat mobile, bad bitch mobile.
The first car I'm gonna buy tho is a white Jeep. I gotta have the tires pretty, clean, and black and my rims white and the interior has to be crazy.

Celebrity crush?
Leonardo Decaprio
Billy from Stranger Things. I LOVE him.
I like creative people tho -- friends, relationship, whatever, because they're the only ones that really understand what you do and how you think.

Who is your role model?
umm I'm so inspired by a lot of people.
Sandra Bullock is with all the fuck shit but not the bullshit.
She's a good person -- a sweetheart and she stands up for people.
Her acting is out of this world, she could play ANY role and her producing skills are amazing--she produces a lot of the stuff she's in.
Jada Pinkett-Smith.
I love her.
I wanna be a parent like her.
I loved her way before Red Table.
I like how she interprets things. She's like "accept how you are, learn from it, and ask what are you gonna do now".
She doesn't let her anger get the best of her.
She's the best.
Teyana taylor
Body, hair, style, voice, choice of husband, even the way she raises her child.

What tv shows are you watching?
I've been watching Money Heist on Netflix. I love Money Heist. Pose has my attention, its so interesting to watch -- thats my shit.

Style icon?
Nobody really knows how to dress--ppl just be bullshitting things together.
I'm kind of a tom-boy. I'll do the whole belly out tittys out from time to time.
If I had to say a person...probably Aleali May.
I like Wuzg00d, but I would never dress like that, I just like how she plays with colors.

My patience. I'm very, very, very, understanding. That's how I'm able to deal with so many different types of people and personalities, and I don't take any thing personal. That's just not how I am. I've always been very nonchalant, so when I care, I really care. When it comes down to it, I don't give a fuck, and I'll do what I gotta do what I gotta do. All I ask for is respect.
Also my creativity, I have a cinematic imagination. I can see anything and see it in a cinematic format.

If you could recommend anyone to participate in a Nail Date with Kim Cao, who would it be?
Yung Bans
Rubi Rose

You can expect Brooklynn Summers' name to be lit up very soon, if you haven't seen it already. Be on the lookout for her latest business venture which is scheduled to drop very soon.

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