A Nail Date with Soonsun

The time we ALMOST burned down Shamaal and Nigel's house.

As Shamaal's recommendation, it was only fitting to ask about how they met. Soon said that about three years ago, Shamaal DM'ed her on IG to shoot. She usually doesn't respond to DM's, but she looked at Shamaal's work and said "damn his work is fye..it goes crazy". After that they just clicked and have been friends since.

The best way to describe Soon is through a house analogy. Think of a house with tall ceilings and light pouring in from every direction with finely manicured landscaping. Okay, now think of the fireplace -- an elegant, classy piece of the house that really makes the house a home. Soonsun is a classy chimney.

I would see Soonsun on occasion when they were preparing to shoot or that one faithful night when she got me so high, I ended up having to excuse myself from the night (which, as I'm getting to know her, it's VERY common for you to leave Soon feeling so high that you want to call the police on yourself).

Soonsun is a family name, not just an instagram handle. It comes from her Korean side of her heritage and her taste in music stems from her African-American side. She is a Nipsey Hussle fan if I ever knew one. So much so, she got the iconic "prolific" he had on his face, tatted on her left arm (pictured in the after photo at the end of the article). Soon also curates playlists on Apple Music, which is what we listened to during our time together.

The only thing Soon loves more than music would probably be her car. Not just any car. A white Mercedes coupe with red interior and a license plate that reads "SELF MADE". That sh*t is TUFF.

We decided to meet at the midpoint of Shamaal and Nigel's house.`I saw the the Benz pull in, she came inside, said hello, rolled her dutch, I lit it for her, and we got to work.


Right as I'm gluing the tips to her nails, I had a cold sweat. The bottle of glue ran empty, and my mind zoomed out to remember exactly where I left my extra glue bottles I always lay out to pack for my nail dates.

Soon was so cool about it. She paused the playlist and just hopped in the car to head to the beauty supply store. If I'm being completely honest though, I was a little excited to be catching some fresh air because I was catching a contact high like no other, and lord knows I can't focus when I'm under the influence, let alone do nails.

She also put me on to some of her hair products. As the mother of a curly headed girl, these gems don't come by often, so when they do, I hold it as precious piece of information.

As soon as we walked back through the door of Shamaal and Nigel's house, Soon took a good stiff and said it smelled like food. It did, but I paid no mind. 

When we sat down and got back to our nail date, we got a call from Nigel saying to turn off the oven because they forgot a slice of pizza in the oven. I ran over to the now black triangle smoking in the middle of their oven and open the door to let out the smell of unwanted smoke. 
To Shamaal & Nigel: sorry for almost starting a fire...promise it won't happen again!

What do you do?
I went to school for managerial sciences...business management so basically *inhales and exhales smoke* I work for an investment company that owns different real estate property and different streams of income...so I work in hospitality.

1 year goals, 5 year goals, 10 year goals?
I think it would be easiest to go backwards so:
10 years from now I'll be 33. I wanna have a family, and feel financially liberated...I'm really tryna be retired by 30 -- I'm not tryna work after that...I just wanna enjoy life.
I see myself being a mom once I set myself up how I really wanna be set up.
5 year goals from now I wanna be well traveled...like different countries, if everything works out I should be going to Korea soon...if I end up not going I'll go to LA.
1 year goals...I just wanna be more balanced as a person and more like in control of my emotions cause I think sometimes I could be a hot head...I could react to certain situations that don't deserve that much of a reaction...and to read more. I love to read.

How many kids do you want?
At least 3 or 4...I want 3 girls and a boy.

Whats your best and worst purchase of the year?
umm I'm not gonna lie I kinda feel like my best purchase and my worst are the same thing. 
It was probably my car...um I got it within the past year so yea...I love it and its such a gratifying thing to really own a car that you like and you really wanted for a long time but at the same time it comes with shit, ya know? Car payment...that expensive gas...maintenance on it. It's just like the most minor things are so simple. Its a good purchase but at the same time I understand why people are against getting a car like that.

On a scale of 1-10, how strict were your parents?
9. They were the type to always be asking me where you at and what are you doing. I even had a phone curfew growing up.

How do you unwind?
Other than this *she lifted her joint* sometimes I just be getting in the car and go driving for nothing. I did that yesterday just up the street the sun was setting and I walked outside and saw my car and thought "damn I love this shit". I just hopped in the car and said ima just cruise...and vacations for sure.

Have you ever been starstruck?
I went to a show with one of my friends and I looked over and I was like damn thats Drake. I kept my cool tho.

What makes you nervous?
I think really just being around people I don't know. 

If you wasn't doin what you was doin what would you be doin?
I mean, I grew up modeling but not like the shit I'm doing now. Like my agency had me doing a LOT of print. A LOT...and then I stopped for a while and picked it back up in college but on my own terms.

What are you afraid of?
I dunno as much as I'm against being afraid of failure, I would have to say its kind of the ultimate driver for just goin hard because I don't wanna fail in life. So as much as I don't want it to be, I would say my biggest fear is failure.
I have this vision of exactly what I want my life to be like and how I wanna feel in life so not accomplishing that and not feeling fulfilled in that aspect would be failure.
At the same time tho, they taught us in business school that the faster you embrace failure the faster you'll find success.

Do you have any pets?
I don't have any but I grew up around a lot of dogs...like pitbulls.

If you were stuck on a desert island, what music would you bring?
Bob Marley 
Nights - Frank Ocean
Pretty Wings - Maxwell

Ultimately, my nails lost in the fight between them and her keyboard during her daily email send-offs. Now I know my next nail goal is to get my nails to stand the test of a workin' woman. Check out Soonsun's Apple Music playlists and be on the lookout for her latest Amazon collaboration.

If you could recommend anyone to participate in a Nail Date with Kim Cao, who would it be?

Special thank you to Shamaal and Nigel for allowing us to work in your space. Love y'all. 

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