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Do What You Want

Sometime during 2016, I stumbled across an Instagram page decorated with fine, hand-crafted, designer leather lighter holders. Since then, EURODOES has expanded the arsenal of fine goods to most of the accessories needed to live life lavishly. We set up our nail date courtesy of Soonsun's recommendation. 

On the day of his nail date, he was house-sitting on the south side of Atlanta, where he grew up. I walked into the house at the end of a neighborhood adorned with neatly trimmed lawns to hear a playlist of majority Atlanta artists pouring out every window.

Euro's heart is split between Atlanta and Europe. He references various places in Europe casually in conversation since he spent most of his formative years representing the US as a student design ambassador. He still visits Europe very often to visit old friends and take care of business while sitting front row at shows during fashion week. 

EURODOES everything. From creative direction to graphic design to food product production, you could bet that he has dipped his toe in it. That's actually how he created the name "EURODOES". It started when all his friends aptly nicknamed him "Euro" since he was always overseas and then added the "does" as reinforcement his slogan "Do What You Want" since he literally does everything and nothing can stop him.

This was definitely not Euro's first or last manicure.

How did you get into making the lighters? 
I wanted a green Goyard card holder.  But back when Goyard was really poppin in ATL, 89% of it was fake because they don’t have a store in ATL and they don’t sell their products online so it's like where did you get it.
Through my research I found out that they originally made everything hand-made. So I said if they can do it...so can I.
I'm actually moving more away from the lighters because I wanna do more original pieces where I don't have to use someone else products. Thats what I'm doing with a Paris brand called Baise Le Banc.

What’s your fave meme?
Right now I think it’s the...uh....the white lady and the cat...yea. And I don’t know where it’s from, I’m lovin it tho! They got me dead. Ummm it’s one where she was like "you said ima vibe" and the cat said "I said you know the vibes". 

Best and worst purchases within the past year?
The best....from a business standpoint I would say...any type of designer bag I bought because I'm making money off of it. That's looking at it by economics and finances. For specifics, I could say the green Goyard portfolio planner. It was the last one in Paris and they sold it for 450 and it was supposed to be like 600 and I've more than quadrupled...sextupled that since I've been back in America.
For the worst...I don't know because I'm pretty good with my money. The first thing that comes to mind is some horrible weed...on some rushing shit. I don't buy a lot of things anymore though...just things I could make money off of.

What's the biggest lie you've ever told?
See ok...me as a person...I'm very blunt. I get in trouble more for telling the truth than lying because I really don't have a reason to lie. I can't even remember the biggest lie I ever told. It would have to do with something with the police probably.

Each piece takes about two hours to produce, and everything is hand-made. No sewing machines, just Euro and his supplies. 

Who are your type of people? 
People who are not complainers....uhh go-getters are my type...people who know what they want out of life and don't take no for an answer. I heard a pastor say this once and it stuck with me..."No is just a door that you don't have the keys for." You know what I'm sayin?
When you think of the keys, you can think about the multiple ways you can get past a door...like you can kick it, you can pick the lock, or you can figure out how to get the key. A lot of people don't use their failures as stepping stones. Sometimes you get rejected because who you thought has what you need...they don't even have it on the level that you supposed to be on...you needed to wait on it so you can meet the person that will take full advantage of what you have to offer. I learned that comin up in the game. 

Whats the weirdest thing you've seen at someone else's house?
What took me for a loop was that I used to f*ck with this mixed girl...she was black and white...annnd I spent the night at her house and she asked me if I wanted to take a shower the next morning. So I'm like lemme get a towel woop woop woop and the only thing she gave me was the big towel to dry off. So I'm like "yo you got a wash cloth?" and that's when I realized some people just take showers differently...soap to body. If you doin that you're not even getting the dead cells off your body. 
Or maybe a dog with the back two legs being wheels. 

If you could be any color crayon what color would you be and why?
Green for sure...that's my favorite color. Probably lime green because of what it looks like...I like how vibrant it is...like the energy...you know what I mean? If I was a kid drawing money or trees or leaves or life I would need a green crayon.

Are you a follower or a leader?
A leader for sure. All my teachers, my friends, my mom...they all been knew that. When I was in like kindergarten I would finish my assignments super fast and just sit around lookin at people. It's probably partially from being a Sagittarius. My business/brand slogan is "EURODOES, do what you want, do what you want, EURODOES" and thats just embedded in me. I'd rather lead myself down the wrong path than follow somebody.

What's the last book you read?
I'm almost done with Dapper Dan: Made in Harlem: A Memoir. He really talks about his childhood...me and him have a lot in common outside of us making new products out of designer goods...he's a big gambler. I play poker, I shoot dice....uhh baccarat. No risk no reward.

What's your favorite movie(s)?
As a kid i would say Sandlot...y'all remember that? I wish my childhood was like that...where I had real neighborhood friends and we'd go get into shit. I went to school out of district but I kinda wish I had that lifestyle.
Being older....I like Napoleon Dynamite, my favorite part was when he kicked his tots....Pineapple Express...I like Blow, American Gangster, anything Quentin Tarantino...Pulp Fiction is cool.

During our nail date, Young Thug's So Much Fun started playing. That's when Euro said" This shit really came out the day landed in Europe so every song reminds me of a place in Europe. It's like a soundtrack for my trip. When I was in London, I spent majority of my trip in a casino playing poker and one of the dealers was a big fan of Thug and Gunna, they actually have my pieces, and the dealer was freakin out at the poker table.
What’s your favorite alcoholic/non alcoholic drink?
Amaretto sour...I went to Paris for my birthday, and I stopped at this bar called The Freedom which is a London bar in Paris. I told the bartender to make me something good and I loved it I drank like 2 or 3 of 'em. For my last trip I went back and the guy recognized me and remade the drink and now it’s my go-to drink 
Non-alcoholic is water preferably Essentia but right now Icelandic.
I actually wanna make a new juice because when I’m in the gas station it’s nothing I wanna drink. It’s always the same drinks and none of them are good to me 
I wanna bring my own juice to the game. Fruity, not too syrupy, and clear but still good. 

What were you like in high school?
Have y'all heard of Kappa League? It's is like a high school fraternity. I was in that...steppin and shimmying and shit. People would not believe that now. When I was in middle school I did basketball and track. I didn't make the team in 9th grade and that's what got me full-fledged business-fashion. So I'm thankful for that. I didn't have too many friends because I always knew what I wanted out of life, when people were still trying to figure it out.

Religious or spiritual?
Soooo I'm very spiritual...I don't go to church anymore so I guess you could say I'm not religious. But I do believe in God...you know what I mean. Im very spiritual because....even me believing in God solidifies that there is a spirit to believe in. Even if there isn't a god people all feel energy. We all feel energy. 

Where have you traveled?
Alright so in Europe I've been to all the major cities in Italy...I've been to Paris, Normandy, Venice, Rome, Zermatt, Amsterdam, Denmark, and London. As far as the US, I've been to damn near all the major cities except in Texas...I've been New York, Miami, Cali...f*ckin anything on the east coast. Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky...I've driven from here to Denver actually, on like a spur of the moment type thing. I went with my buddy Joe Salvador. He called me like "Hey you wanna go to Denver?" and I was like shit okay we out. We even switched drivers while the car was moving.

"When I don't have plans that's when the best shit happen. When I didn't have any invites to the shows in Paris, that's when I was front row. For New York's fashion week I dunno how but I ended up at Saks Fifth Basement party."


If you could recommend anyone to participate in a Nail Date with Kim Cao, who would it be?

Euro might just be one of the most cultured and well-versed people I've ever met. He draws inspiration from everyday life experiences so he always has business ideas teeming out the dome.

Be sure to check out his pieces online and keep up with him on Instagram

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