A Nail Date with Déng

When it comes to describing Déng, multi-faceted is an understatement. 

This self-described nomad spends most of his time playing soccer, and when he's not doing that you're sure to find him amongst fellow creatives.

Déng and I met years ago by way of Shamaal. In fact, he came recommended on Moonman's Nail Date, so our manicure was long overdue.

This nail date was spur of the moment since he came for a normal Sunday family dinner. I was completely caught off guard when he asked me to do his nails, but that surprise quickly shifted to excitement since he gave me creative freedom on four of his nails. 

Would you rather eat a toenail sandwich or mustard shake?

Toenail sandwich

Dream car?

Old Land Rover 

What's the first thing you notice in the opposite sex?

Style and accessories

Fave drink? Alcoholic & non-alcoholic

Mezcal spicy & cranberry juice

Fave meme?

Meg the stallion Steve Harvey beats Micheal Jordan crying 

If you were stranded on a desert island, what music would you bring with you?

Travis Scott 

Birds in the trap 

The weekend island 

House of balloons 

Toro y moi 

Tame impala 

One of the Kanye albums 

College drop out 

Fun fact: Déng is bilingual. He also has an extra finger on his right hand. 

Where have you traveled?



France Paris 



Who is the kindest person you know ?

Myself..my Gemini side 

What's your greatest accomplishment? 

Comin to America 

Favorite social media platform?




Remember high five??

This was not Déng's first manicure, and I'm more than sure it won't be his last.

 Déng is a firm believer of expressing your true self without judgment. Through this belief he allows whoever he's in the room with to let their work speak for itself to reveal their most authentic, genuine self. 


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