A Nail Date with Calah Jones


An introduction to the concept of work-life balance.

Calah Jones and I met in March of 2020, right before the stay at home orders were in effect. We met through a recommendation from my other friend Kayla that discovered her through mutual friends and solidified her recommendation through observing Calah's determination and work ethic. 

Our nail date recording was lost in transition, but our questions were mainly discussing having a work-life balance. Growing up overseas, she talked about how she really took note to how backwards the American way of life is structured. In places like Nepal, where she was schooled, life comes first and then work fits in where it may. Shortly after this conversation the numbers of the affected by COVID-19 spiked and we all got to understand first hand what she meant by being able to spend time with your family and live in your moment.

If you're wondering what Calah does for a living, I honestly can't tell you. Not because I'm withholding information, but because Calah does whatever she feels so inclined to do...and it just so happens to generate profit. She practices this habit through the platforms of Private Yard and Kopan Studios.

An interesting tidbit about Calah is that she rarely leaves the house without her laptop... a tribute to her work ethic. 

Calah's nails focus on abstraction. We're usually playing with negative space and taking the time to make the smallest tweak make a huge impact. The same could be applicable with web design, coding, and photoshop...just a few of the things that Calah is excellent at. Here's an example of a flyer she whipped up in 30 minutes.

Since our nail date, Calah has taken the life-changing journey of becoming a mom. By looking at the way she moves before labor, we know that her daughter Lotus is going to grow up to be a stylishly independent young lady.

Although she is a mom now, that hasn't slowed her roll at all. She's still working hard as ever and making it look effortless. I'm sure the last pictured set isn't our last, so be sure to keep up with whichever new concepts she brings into the world of nail design.

Instagram: @calahjones 

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